Crystal Necklace Rectangle

A sterling silver rolo chain hangs a gorgeous rectangle crystal pendant. The rectangular pendant is framed by a sterling silver bezel and hung on a sterling silver rolo chain. The pendant is listed from left to right. Each stone is shown in a thumbnail photo and will differ slightly from the one pictured. Ask the jeweler before ordering if you want to see the exact stone you are buying.

Rhodonite Rectangle Crystal Pendant Necklace

The Rhodonite Rectangle Crystal Necklace Rectangle is crafted by jewelry designer Karley Smith. It features a Rhodonite stone with Rose Quartz chips and red brass wire wrapped by hand. The necklace measures 18″ long and closes with a toggle clasp. Rhodonite has many spiritual properties and can support self-esteem and emotional healing. It can also promote creativity and self-expression.

Rhodonite is also an emotional healer, bringing a person back to balance during stressful times. It helps one to gain clarity and peace of mind, allowing one to forgive self and others. The healing vibrations of this crystal allow a person to achieve their highest potential. It helps to clear emotional wounds, promote forgiveness, and heal physical, hearing, and immune systems.

Wearing a Rhodonite crystal pendant necklace is a great way to boost your energy and promote relaxation. Its soft pink color can calm the mind and bring joy. It helps a person to let go of the past and move on to a new life. It is also great for inviting love into your heart.